Inquiry into the Preventative Health Agenda

Includem has submitted evidence to the Scottish Parliament’s Health and Sport Committee ahead of the debate today on the Preventative Health Agenda.

The full submission is available to read here.

Includem’s work is focused on prevention – prevention of offending or reoffending, prevention of unnecessary accommodation away from home and prevention of exclusion from school. In all cases our framework of support consists of professional one to one relationships with focused work to deal with the underlying needs and challenges. Through this model we develop hope, aspiration, resilience and improved family relationships.

We suggested four key areas for the Committee to focus on in it’s inquiry:

  • Mental health – moving away from thinking of this as always an acute, medical condition that requires medical intervention and considering the preventative work that could be carried out at an earlier stage around emotional literacy, self-esteem and support at school and into adolescence which prevents the need for CAHMS services
  • Providing intensive support to whole families to work through issues around misuse of alcohol and drugs which often leads to poorer outcomes for children and young people
  • Recognising the role that poverty and inequality plays in future outcomes and the impact that universal health services could have in alleviating this
  • Taking a holistic view to improving health outcomes through prevention – considering issues such as housing and homelessness, education, employment, and interaction with the criminal justice system.

For more information contact Michael Shanks, Policy and Communications Manager by email or telephone on 0141 427 0523.

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