Education, Training and Employment

Each of these modules is integrated by a common theoretical and practice model. The aim is to enable young people to become more resourceful.

These modules are designed to enable young people to develop resilience in their lives which both protect them from the risk factors associated with their behaviour and address needs which are preventing them from having a safe and happy life.

The key protective factors that this module addresses are the skills and opportunities that education, training and employment offer.

Many of the young people that Includem support live in areas where there are significant numbers of family and friends of working age who are unemployed or economically inactive and they may have had a poor experience of education in their own lives.

This module is aimed at young people who have disengaged from learning, employment and education and is aimed at young people who have disengaged from learning and are finding transitions difficult. This may be the transition to secondary school, into further education or work.

School can be a challenging environment for some children and young people, but there can be many reasons out with school which can be a driver for disengaging with education. That is why much of the focus of our work focuses on equipping children, young people and their families with the skills and knowledge to feel confident participating in education at the appropriate level for them.

Being employable does not just mean an individual has the right qualifications or skills specific for the job. Soft skills are just as important, like can you work with the team, are you reliable, are your motivated, are you flexible?

These are the types of skills which all employers seek in their employees regardless of qualifications. Therefore, nurturing the growth and development of soft skills is paramount to a successful transition into continuous learning, training and employment and self–sufficiency in your personal lives.

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