Health and Wellbeing

The purpose of this module is to engage the young person in thinking about how they how to look after their health and wellbeing.

Its objective is to encourage the young person to set goals and take action to improve their health and wellbeing.

Other Better Life modules also address health and wellbeing issues:

  • People in My Life offers the opportunity to talk about girlfriend or boyfriend relationships;
  • Managing Emotions supports young people’s emotional health and their ability to relax;
  • Drugs and Alcohol addresses the impact of substances on health and wellbeing.
  • Beating Boredom addresses healthy recreational activities.

You should choose only those sessions that are relevant to the individual.

  • Session 1 – Physical health
  • Session 2 – Sexual health
  • Session 3 – Mental health

These sessions are designed to stimulate discussion and raise awareness. If any substantial problems or issues are uncovered, young people should be referred to appropriate specialist agencies.

Before attempting this module with young people with sexually harmful behaviours there should be discussions with the referring Local Authority regarding risk and safety.

If not already done so, a Community Safety Plan should be drawn up. You should pay attention to any particular risk factors e.g. location of activity or if a young person is engaging in activities with others who are more vulnerable. You need to be prepared to discuss this with the young person as you may need to pass on information to the risk management team. The young person should be made aware of this.

Each of these modules is integrated by a common theoretical and practice model. The aim is to enable young people to become more resourceful.

These modules are designed to enable young people to develop resources in their lives which both protect them and enable them to have a safe and happy life.

The Protective Resources
Session 1 - Physical Health
Session 2 - Sexual Health
Session 3 - Mental Health and Wellbeing
End of Module Evaluation
Structured Coaching Conversation