Our values

About UsIncludem exists for the most vulnerable, troubled and challenging young people and their families. We are guided by our values:

We believe no young person is beyond help

At Includem we work exclusively with the most troubled, vulnerable and challenging young people in our society. No matter how tough their circumstances, we always start from a point of view of valuing them. We engage with them, building one-to-one trusting relationships – and refuse to give up.

We guarantee a flexible, quality service 24/7

We provide a genuinely 24/7 service. That’s why we’re set up to be as flexible and responsive as possible. Everything is done to make sure we’re there when young people and families need us, whenever they need us.

We aim to rebuild family relationships

The evidence shows that reducing family breakdown is not only better for young people, it’s less costly than residential care – so we aim to help keep them in the community and with their family as much as possible. But if they need to live elsewhere, we help make the move as smooth as possible.

We offer value for money

We understand that pressures on budgets have rarely been greater. However, by using our services, councils can reduce spend on expensive residential care in the short term. This releases money that can be reinvested in valuable earlier years – reducing future spend on welfare costs in adulthood.

We know we’re shaping the future

How we deal with disruptive, chaotic and vulnerable young people has implications for the future of all of us. That’s why we work closely with other services to give young people the best chance of a successful adulthood. Because when young people have a future, that improves the future for everyone.