Raising attainment

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Includem works to bridge the gap between home and school to reduce exclusion, increase attendance and raise attainment for all.

We provide out of school support for young people and their parents and carers to address the barriers to school attendance and to them achieving their full potential. We know from experience that young people are ready to learn when they are emotionally stable, with positive relationships in their life and where they attend school on a regular and consistent basis.

The focus of our work is with the young person outside the classroom. We recognise that a stable family life is critical to a young person’s personal development and to their educational attainment.

The key elements of the programme are:

  • A responsive service that is there when the young people need it most
  • Practical support to ensure attendance at school such as reinforcing routines
  • Proactive work with parents and carers to help them set boundaries and manage challenging behaviour
  • Support for young people to manage their emotions, anger and frustration in a positive way
  • Work with parents to access other services – health, housing and finance to increase their parenting capacity
  • Age and stage appropriate support for the child out with school ours to reinforce engagement as well as develop confidence, motivation and ability to participate in school work
  • Close working between school and social work to ensure child protection concerns are addressed and young people are safeguarded

The service aims to address the social and economic cost of school exclusion. In addition to negatively affecting young people’s educational and social development in the short term, the Edinburgh Study of Youth Transitions and Crime identifies school exclusion as one of the most significant predictors of future criminal behaviour. The cost of excluding a young person has been estimated at double the cost of keeping young people in mainstream education. This service is designed to result in significant cost savings in both the short and long term.