The Lens

The Lens

This page will record our progress over the next few months as we participate in The Lens across Includem. The Lens is all about developing ideas and helping to find new ways for us to work. It is a project for everyone to participate in so please check back here regularly to find out what has been happening recently.

Click here to download a copy of the Lens application form.

You can contact Debbie if you need any help filling in the form and she will put you in touch with one of the Lens Champions. If you want to record a short video in support of your application you can contact Michael Shanks who is happy to help!

Ideas generated at Staff Conference:


  • Parenting Groups
  • Grannie Group
  • Parent hub, empowering parents together to grow skills & use supports moving on e.g. helpline support for each other 
  • Parenting group for young mothers to develop parenting skills
  • Groups for young parents/dads 
  • Includem ASD Parent support service
  • Family group sharing
  • Parenting classes
  • Grandparents support network
  • Includem mother & baby group
  • Build parenting networks and support networks for young people and their families
  • Sibling supports
  • Includem app for dads & young dads who don’t want to access groups but want support from people with similar experiences or Includem professionals
  • Coffee mornings for parents/carers and kinship carers (supportive groups)
  • Support for siblings: Early Intervention for them to support the family, and to ensure siblings do not believe young person is being rewarded for being bad

Attainment & Education

The most popular idea from the entire workshop was that of a buddy system to support young people to gain qualifications, which received 25 recommendations. The idea of modern apprenticeships being provided by Includem was also strongly endorsed.

  • Buddy system for young people to gain qualifications
  • Modern apprenticeships from Includem
  • Offer qualifications to young people
  • Includem driving school
  • First aid training for YP
  • Own driving instructor
  • Teaching basic skills to children who will not go to school
  • Links with college & work placements
  • Volunteering opportunities for young people
  • Tutoring school within Includem
  • Keeping safe on social media
  • Career Fairs
  • Specialist skills development 
  • Includem employment support group 
  • Action adventure history
  • Raising awareness of politics for young people
  • School visits to introduce issues & Includem
  • Includem crèche to allow young people with children to access education
  • Help for empowerment programme
  • Includem life skills chances


General range of ideas regarding how services can be more accessible for young people, both currently on programme, and for those who may potentially come onto programme, in addition to how service provision in practice may be improved.

  • Text message service
  • Includem contact planner phone app
  • More structured group work
  • Self-referral for Young People through schools or children’s units
  • Unplanned drop in alongside planned work 
  • Audio books on relevant topics for staff training 
  • Outreach work on the streets on their turf 
  • Includem cars or minibuses 
  • Private Referral 
  • Regular & Structured Group work 
  • Different ways to use the helpline for YP 
  • Team training and experiences in work with YP with Autism spectrum disorder (not allocated to random workers)
  • Includem motorway priority lane 
  • Includem Bus for school runs & group activities
  • Support YP leaving Sky House 
  • Sensory room for ASD supportn
  • Group to encourage young males to socialise with different schemes
  • Allocated children’s rights worker
  • Outreach to YP to ask us for help before compulsion 
  • Referrals from other NGOs 
  • More focus on emotional development instead of superficial ABL work
  • Other helpline access options via text/email
  • Includem ABL Phone App/Game
  • Purchased referral for families, not individual YP
  • Gaps into transitional support due to age, service needed for under 16’s


Different ideas suggesting engagement with police either through schools, or by organising workshops in which Includem YP and Police could come together to build relationships and discuss mutual issues.

  • Youths building relationships with police
  • Link with police allocated to schools and let them refer to Includem
  • Improve links with police
  • Police Dogs: how they are trained


Suggestions regarding this theme included the development of an Includem YP person, or by developing a LENS project for young people. Most commonly it was suggested that young people, or young people who had previously worked with Includem, received trained with a view to in providing peer support for younger people working with Includem.

  • Wellbeing cafe run by YP/Carers
  • Young Person planner app, in which each young person can click to see their contacts
  • Train a YP to be a mentor
  • Young person LENS project
  • Young mentoring program
  • Opportunities for older young people to be peer support to younger children in the organisations
  • Former clients group to mentor current clients
  • Includem charity shop, YP work opportunity
  • Development of groups already established i.e. girls group
  • Peer mentoring
  • Conference for young people
  • Young person’s committee to inform Includem 
  • The Lens for young people group 
  • Opportunity for Includem YP to become part of a mentor-type working group where they can help with support & engagement
  • Bakery shop 
  • Bike recycling project
  • Community champion group
  • LGBT Group
  • Intergeneration group, links
  • Includem online shop

Health & Wellbeing

Multiple ideas suggested across all teams of different classes regarding healthy eating, mindfulness and exercise, as well as independent living.  In particular the idea of a health drop in for Includem YP to be seen by a nurse was raised.

  • Young person allotment
  • Health drop in for nurse to come to Includem
  • Loss, bereavement & trauma training
  • Pet Therapy: 10 Recommendations
  • Activity programmes during holidays
  • Young person bake-off
  • Support around sports
  • Mindfulness for YP
  • Includem school holiday activity program
  • Cooking classes
  • Drama classes/music group
  • Positivity app for young people
  • Activity days outdoors
  • Support to recognise domestic violence, helping families and staff 
  • Outdoor opportunities
  • Holidays for YP & Families 
  • Includem to offer exercise classes 
  • Breakfast club for young people
  • Group Activities based on independent living skills 
  • Violence reduction alongside professional boxing 
  • Cycling group
  • Games hub/youth club Dumbarton
  • Drum therapy workshop
  • Independent living skills including young parents, young people and families 
  • Includem Youth Club 
  • Access to tester flat
  • Beauty therapy & hairdressing, YP & Parents 
  • Link with colleges to support parent makeover e.g. hair and nails 
  • Mindfulness or De-Stress Techniques
  • Football team 
  • Benefits advice & information
  • Includem run sex health 
  • Food bank support
  • Health worker for young people 
  • Includem youth club
  • Drama role play
  • Link between trauma & abuse, gain skills 
  • Young person’s cook book
  • Life Skills 
  • Sex Health workshops 
  • Life-story Emotional Literacy 
  • Includem Holiday Club
  • Achievement tracker app
  • Weekend independent skills holiday 
  • Sharing of information on local groups and clubs 
  • Art Project 
  • Drama workshops run by staff 
  • Kinship carer group 
  • Therapeutic activities improving health & wellbeing e.g. horse riding, relaxation, hill walking group work