About Us

About Includem

When Includem was established in 2000, there was a clear need for a new kind of support service that would meet the needs of young people and their families when they need it most – 24/7.

Includem has always worked in the community with young people who often find it difficult to get the support they need from other services. 

We now work with over 600 young people across Scotland supporting them to improve their attendance and engagement at school, raise attainment, reduce offending and risk-taking behaviour, strengthen family relationships and improve health and wellbeing.

At the heart of everything we do is a belief that no young person is ever beyond help and they are full of strengths and potential, that with the right support, at the right time, can be unlocked so they can live fulfilling lives.

Our approach is based on five clear principles:

  • We believe in young people
  • Relationships matter
  • Commitment and stickability
  • Shaped by young people
  • Credible and driven by evidence

You can read more about the values that drive us here.