Evidence and policy

Evidence and Policy

The facts that back up our work

Includem’s services are rooted in evidence-based practice and shaped to reflect current research about effective ways of helping young people achieve a better life.

Since inception Includem has been committed to rigorous monitoring and evaluation of services and the impact they have on young people. This section of the website houses the evidence we have obtained – internal and external – on our services and our model.

We also take an active part in helping to shape the environment in which young people grow up. Our policy and influencing work is rooted in our practice experience and you can read some of our submissions to consultations and reviews below.

For more information on any aspect of this section please contact our Policy and Communications Manager Carolyn McCole by email or on 0141 427 0523.


Includem's Framework of Intervention

Includem’s Framework of Intervention is our overarching approach to supporting socially excluded young people, achieve better lives. It consists of four parts:

  1. Research, Theory and Practice document explaining our underpinning values and principles, Model of Practice and theoretical and research base.
  2. A set of Core Elements shared by all Includem services throughout all stages of intervention.
  3. A Better Life, our dynamic series of practitioner modules to support young people, each containing practice guidance, processes and exercises to complement and reinforce Includem’s relationship based approach.
  4. Practice Support and Improvement provided by robust management support, operational policies, ongoing professional development for staff and our Quality Assurance Strategy and Performance Management Framework.

Click here to download our Framework of Intervention in full.

Includem's toolkit - 'A Better Life'

A Better Life is Includem’s dynamic series of practitioner modules for working with vulnerable and high-risk young people, each containing practice guidance, processes and exercises to compliment and reinforce Includem’s relationship based approach. Click here to download a brief introduction to ‘A Better Life’.

Includem Publications

Consultation Responses and Policy Submissions

Consultation Responses

We regularly contribute to local and national consultations on a range of policy areas. We focus our responses on our practice experience only – building on the experiences of young people and their families so we can help shape a better environment and system for them.

ConsultationOrganisationLinkDate submitted
Age of Criminal Responsibility Bill ConsultationThe Scottish ParliamentDownload responseJuly 2018
Attainment and Achievement of School Aged Children Experiencing Poverty ConsultationThe Scottish Parliament (Education and Skills Committee)Download responseMarch 2018
Empowering Schools - A Consultation on the Provisions of the Education (Scotland) BillScottish GovernmentDownload responseJanuary 2018
Pre-Recording Evidence of Child and Other Vulnerable WitnessesScottish GovernmentDownload responseSeptember 2017
Equal Protection from Assault draft BillThe Scottish ParliamentDownload responseAugust 2017
Electronic Monitoring in ScotlandScottish GovernmentDownload responseMay 2017
Police Scotland 2026 Strategy ConsultationPolice ScotlandDownload responseMay 2017
Education Governance ReviewScottish GovernmentDownload responseJanuary 2017
Mental health in Scotland - 10 year vision consultationScottish GovernmentDownload responseSeptember 2016
Minimum Age of Criminal Responsibility - initial consultation responseScottish GovernmentDownload responseJune 2016


Includem's IMPACT programme - independent evaluations

Includem Evaluation - 'working with families review'

Building effective and meaningful relationships with young people and their families is the “bread and butter” of what Includem does. Working with families is crucial to gaining better outcomes for young people.

This review examines that work and assesses the progress made following a scoping exercise in 2010. It evaluates the impact of the new “Working with Families” module of Includem’s practitioner toolkit, A Better Life.

Click here to read the Practice Champion review on Working with Families.