Big Lottery support our transitions work

We are delighted that the Big Lottery Fund has announced they will be funding our transitions support programme for a three year period. 

Includem’s Transition Support programme has worked with over 500 young people since 2005 who were identified as being the most vulnerable, chaotic and difficult to engage. These young people have previously been receiving services on compulsory grounds but are no longer entitled to the support provided through other services, despite a high level of need remaining.

Transitional Support ensures continuity of support on a voluntary basis for young people whose continuing vulnerability may be due to past histories of abuse, neglect or deprivation and present lack of family and environmental support at a critical time in adolescent development.

Welcoming the funding announcement, our Chief Executive Angela Morgan said:

“This award from the Big Lottery Fund will have a huge impact on some of the most vulnerable young people who are in the process of making incredibly difficult transitions in life.

“The transition into adulthood is already a challenging time for young people, but when that is compounded by losing access to services that were previously available, alongside ongoing mental health problems, difficulties accessing employment and training opportunities and a whole range of other challenges it can become overwhelming.

“With the Big Lottery’s support Includem will be able to continue providing a tapered support service when these young people need it most.”

One young person, Jillian, was referred to the Transitional Support programme because of issues relating to excessive alcohol use and family breakdown.

Jillian had been struggling emotionally in supported accommodation and her significant use of alcohol and subsequent self harming to alleviate her low self esteem was putting her at serious risk. Through Includem’s intensive support she had started to improve this situation and was making positive life choices.

As a result of this, her statutory status came to an end, and with it the services she relied on to keep her life on track. This is where Includem’s Transitional Support service stepped in.

Jillian says:

My Includem worker has given me a lot of help and advice along the way. They supported me to improve relationships and to manage conflicts within my family better.

I know they care what happens to me. I don’t know what I would have done without them”

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