Case Study: Jade’s Story

Jade Case StudyCase study: Jade’s Story

Age: 15
Location: Glasgow
Issue: Reduction of risk taking behaviour

Jade was referred to us at age 15 to reduce her risk taking behaviour and to support her to maintain her care placement.

Jade was removed from the care of her parents at a young age and moved between a variety of different placements before at the time of referral living with her aunt. It was this placement that was at risk of breaking down due to her aggressive and abusive behaviour. In addition, Jade was not engaging well at school or with other services including around her physical and sexual health.

Includem supported Jade to deal with attachment issues, caused by early trauma which were expressed in sexually risk-taking bahaviour. She frequently absconded and went missing for significant periods of time, putting her at risk of sexual exploitation. Jade used alcohol excessively and posed a range of risks to herself and others.

Through our work with Jade, we supported her at times of most risk – often at weekends and late evenings. We used these contacts to carry out focused work on education and training, managing emotions and recognising the impact that her behaviour was having on her well being.

A key part of our intervention was to encourage Jade to link into mainstream services, particularly around her physical and sexual health and to support her to not only attend appointments but to actively engage with these services.

Jade’s family used our 24/7 support helpline regularly to de-escalate points of crisis and to share information about her whereabouts when she went missing. Jade also used the helpline herself to contact her worker for advice and support, especially when she was most distressed. In this way we could try and deal with her underlying concerns without her contemplating leaving home.

We supported Jade for nine months. At the point of exit procedures were in place to reduce her ongoing risk and she was actively engaging with supports from a number of other agencies.

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