Comment on rise in violent crime

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Comment on rise in violent crime

Commenting on the release of crime figures today by Police Scotland, which show a 5% rise in violent crime, Includem’s Chief Executive Angela Morgan said:

“The continued fall in crime across Scotland is to be welcomed. However, the rise in violent crime, particularly in Glasgow, highlights the continued need for programmes designed to reduce offending and reoffending.

“Our success in working with Police Scotland to prevent young people from carrying out serious acts of violence and to deal with the underlying causes of offending behaviour shows that diversion from criminality is possible – but only with focused intervention.

“We look forward to continuing to work with Police Scotland and the Scottish Government to find new ways to bring down the level of violent offending in Glasgow and Scotland”.

Includem works to reduce violent offending in Glasgow alongside Police Scotland. In the latest independent evaluation of the programme violent offending for those involved was found to have fallen by more than half. The other headlines are:

  • Estimated total incidence of crime per young person fell in the region of 50% on average in the six months after involvement with Includem than in the six months prior
  • The total number of injuries involving attendance at accident and emergency decreased by 38% after involvement in the programme
  • The social and economic costs of violent offending fell from £10,259 per offender prior to involvement with IMPACT to just £122 in the six months after being on the programme.

For more information please contact Michael Shanks, Policy and Communications Manager on 0141 427 0523 or

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