Case Study – Haley’s Story

Haley was 15 when when she was referred by her school due to concerns about her attendance and behaviour.

Haley’s home life was difficult and her relationships with those closest to her were chaotic. She had withdrawn from school – with attendance below 50% and her behaviour was erratic including numerous physical confrontations both at home and at school. The police had noted concerns about self-harm and several attempted suicides along with drug and alcohol misuse.

Our starting point was to build a strong relationship with both Haley and her mum to ensure her placement at home was stable and secure and not a source of further chaos. We encouraged open and honest conversations about the challenges in the family and encouraged Haley to open up about those positive and negative relationships in her life and how they effected her behaviour.

Focused work with Haley was carried out around her drug and alcohol misuse and her emotional wellbeing – supporting her to better understand her emotions and the triggers for them and to deal with them without resorting to violence.

It was clear that there was no routine or structure to Haley’s life so we helped her and her mum to develop this and to understand why it was important. We backed this up with unplanned and out of hours contacts at particular times where Haley had previously run away or the relationship had reached breaking point. Both Haley and her mum used our 24/7 support helpline to access immediate help when things got particularly challenging.

Towards the end of our period working with Haley we supported her in structured sessions to start thinking about her future and her goals. She reflected during this period on the progress she had made – no longer misusing alcohol or drugs, no longer running away from home and no self-harming. This allowed her to build tangible steps towards her wider goals and created an environment where she could reengage with school.

After six months Haley was ready to move on from Includem’s services having secured a college placement.

Outcomes achieved:

  • Safe – reducing Haley’s level of risk/harm
  • Healthy – enhancing Haley’s relationships and home-life
  • Achieving – maintaining and improving Haley’s
  • Respected – encouraging Haley to contribute to her own support planning

Haley’s name and some specific details have been changed in this case study to protect his/her identity.
Includem Ref: 2000896

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