Progress on reducing school exclusions in Dundee

Includem has welcomed the progress in Dundee in reducing the rate of school exclusion in line with the national average. Until these recent figures, Dundee had the highest rate of school exclusion in Scotland.

The latest statistics show the percentage of children excluded is fallen from 32% in 2012/13 to 17% in 2015/16 and for children formally looked after it has halved in the same period.

Includem has been working with Dundee City Council as part of an innovative partnership to provide intensive support beyond the school gates for young people at risk of exclusion or with poor and inconsistent attendance. The programme is focused on ‘out of hours’ support and has worked with over 50 young people and their families, providing over 6,500 hours of direct support.

You can read ‘Haley’s Story’ – a case study of the work here.

Includem’s Chief Executive, Angela Morgan, commented:

These are extremely welcome figures and show the vision and progress that services and schools across Dundee have collectively made in recent years to tackle exclusions.

We are delighted to have played a part in that success story by working in partnership with Dundee City Council to provide the out of school support to both the young people and their families that builds on initiatives within the school day.

The key elements of Includem’s work in Dundee are:

  • A responsive service that is there when the young people need it most
  • Practical support to ensure attendance at school such as reinforcing routines
  • Proactive work with parents and carers to help them set boundaries and manage challenging behaviour
  • Support for young people to manage their emotions, anger and frustration in a positive way
  • Work with parents to access other services – health, housing and finance to increase their parenting capacity
  • Age and stage appropriate support for the child out with school ours to reinforce engagement as well as develop confidence, motivation and ability to participate in school work
  • Close working between school and social work to ensure child protection concerns are addressed and young people are safeguarded

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