Case Study – Paul’s Story

Paul started working with Includem at 15 to improve his mental and physical wellbeing and to support his return to education following discharge from hospital.

The key aims set for Paul were:

  • Improve physical health and maintain a healthy lifestyle
  • Improve emotional / mental wellbeing
  • Reduce risk of suicide / self-harm
  • Improve attendance at school
  • Increase participation in pro-social activities

Paul was discharged from hospital following a diagnosis of schizophrenia. His mental health was relatively stable however he expressed a sense of hopelessness and had thoughts of self-harming. He had withdrawn from school and found it near impossible to make friends as a result of struggling with any social interactions. He lacked the self-confidence to talk to people in general.

Includem provided one to one support due to Paul’s anxiety issues. He responded well to this, seek particularly because the support we were providing was broader than his mental health. He grew in confidence and was more able to discuss his wellbeing and his self-harming. However his mental health deteriorated and he was re-hospitalised.

Includem was able to continue providing support including short contacts away from the hospital which allowed Paul to rebuild his confidence. A robust support plan was put in place which lead to Paul being discharged from hospital with Includem as the main support.

A key part of that support was encouraging Paul’s return to education. School had been identified as a key factor in his mental health deteriorating particularly because of his difficulties in social interaction. Includem supported a phased return to school and helped teachers and other staff to understand his particular needs, allowing them to support him better during class time. In particular, continued support to the school allowed them to respond at points of crisis in a more appropriate way.

Through focused work and encouraging Paul to access pro-social activities such as five-a-side football and a running club, Paul not only improved his mental and physical wellbeing but is engaging better with his peer group and has overcome many of his difficulties in social interaction. He has now better able to manage his mental health – most importantly allowing him to achieve a healthy and happier future.

Includem Ref: 2001255

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