Includem’s Year

Introduction by Includem’s Chair, Jim Gibson:

“Our work with young people is always focused on improving outcomes – making their lives better in the short term but also building the foundations of self-confidence and resilience so they have the best chance of a successful adult life.

“We are therefore determined that the combined resources of our organisation in terms of staff time and skill, reputation and influence are all effectively targeted at meeting our purpose and improving the lives of the people who need us.”


Chief Executive, Angela Morgan adds:

“This report marks sixteen years of Includem’s work with some of the most vulnerable and excluded young people. It has been a year where we can demonstrate success in achieving our outcomes where we have built the capacity and resilience in families to turn lives around.

“It has also been a year where we have continued to share our experiences with government, academia and others so that ‘what works’ can become ingrained in more of our shared approaches to supporting children and young people.

“Includem has a serious purpose and our staff are all too often working with children and young people in incredibly distressing situations. Our staff are core to everything we achieve and their care, commitment and professionalism enable young people to change their lives for the better and I would like to thank them for their efforts”.


You can read Includem’s full annual report below:


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