Case Study – Rory’s Story

Includem supported Rory to reduce his disruptive behaviour, adiposity strengthen his relationships at home and reengage with school. After eight months of support, Rory was back at school and looking positively towards the future.

Rory was referred to Includem through his school when he was 12 years old. His disruptive behaviour was escalating both in the classroom and at home and he was frequently not attending. His mum reported incidents of violence in the household and she recognised she was not able to manage his behaviour. He had no social work involvement.

Working with Rory and his family Includem put in place a support plan of three contacts per week and one joint contact with him and his mum to work on their relationship. The outcomes jointly agreed were:

  • Enhanced parent/carer/adult/young person relationships (Healthy)
  • Improved parent/carer confidence and resilience (Healthy, Nurtured)
  • Better able to cope in crisis (Safe)
  • Increased victim awareness (Responsible)
  • Improved attendance and attainment at school (Included, Achieving)

Throughout Rory’s time with Includem our Project Workers liaised closely with his school providing updates on his progress so that a consistent approach could be taken during and outwith school hours. This allowed teachers to build on some of the work which Includem’s Project Workers had been doing and helped to build structure in Rory’s day.

Rory engaged well with Includem’s toolkit, ‘A Better Life’, completing focussed work around managing emotions, and ‘this is my life’ which focused on rebuilding his relationships with family members, mainly his mum. Joint contacts with Rory and his mum allowed them to explore some of the underlying reasons for their relationship breakdown, in particular to open up about Rory’s feelings towards things which had happened in his earlier years. This allowed mum to understand Rory’s perspectives and feelings on things that mattered to him.

Includem set manageable, short term goals for Rory and his mum to achieve – for example setting a time to be out the door to school each day, or a time to be off the internet at night. Proactive and sometimes unscheduled out of hours contacts with Project Worker’s reinforced these goals and supported mum to put in place routines.

After several weeks of this, Rory and his mum were able to access Includem’s ‘Young Person’s Fund’ to organise a small family trip together. This allowed them to enjoy some time together which was previously impossible due to the constant conflict in the household.

Rory completed his time with Includem by working on the ‘This is my future’ module. He explored what his future goals and ambitions were and how he wanted to get there. He recorded the journey he had been on and looked back at his emotions and attitudes at the start of his support with Includem to see the progress he had made.

After eight months of targeted support, Rory exited Includem’s programme having fully reengaged with school. He was positive about the future, with strong relationships at home and with his teachers. Although he continues to present some challenging behaviours in class, he is better able to recognise the consequences of these actions and because he is more open about his emotions and frustrations he has not been involved in any aggressive or violent behaviour.

The name and some key details about this young person have been changed to protect his/her identity.
Includem case study reference number: 2000888

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