Reducing school exclusions in Dundee

We have today welcomed the publication of a final evaluation report into the Inclusion Plus partnership which has successfully reduced exclusions from school in four schools in Dundee.

The research, conducted by the University of Glasgow’s Robert Owen Centre for Educational Change provides an overview of the Public Social Partnership (PSP) model which was used to deliver a service which aimed to both reduce school exclusion and enhance learning opportunities – with the eventual vision of improving the life chances for the young people involved.

Includem’s service is tailored to those young people who need support outwith school hours in order to re-engage them in education and to sustain progress made through other services and through school itself. It follows our intensive, personalised one to one relationship based approach dealing with the underlying causes of exclusion.

The report shows that in all four schools where this service was delivered there was a significant decrease in exclusion rates – with reductions of 22%, 69%, 29% and 16% at the four schools. New Philanthropy Capital estimates the life-time cost of permanent exclusion is £63,800 per pupil – highlighting that in addition to achieving better outcomes for young people, there is also a significant cost saving.

You can read a case study of one young person, who benefited from being part of Includem’s programme.

Includem continues to deliver an intensive support service for young people at risk of exclusion in Dundee, and is currently piloting an early intervention project with a similar programme in Glasgow. For more information or to find out how this service might be delivered in your area, please get in touch with our Partnership Development Manager, David Ferrier on or 0141 427 0523.

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