Police Scotland’s 2026 Strategy

Includem has responded to Police Scotland’s consultation on its 2026 strategy for Policing in Scotland. Click here to read our consultation response in full.

Includem is focused on prevention and early intervention, including working in collaboration with Police Scotland to reduce levels of violent and alcohol-fuelled offending in Glasgow. We support young people to change their behaviour and prevent them from being drawn into a cycle of custodial sentences.

We strongly welcome Police Scotland’s focus on effective partnership working and on tackling enduring problems facing communities. Whilst we recognise the focus on innovation as part of the strategy, we would emphasise the need to also learn from what works now and build on those foundations. If we are to reduce the levels of offending and re-offending, we must understand what is working so that these approaches can continue to meet need across Scotland.

Key points from our response:

  • A focus on prevention is key – approaches rooted in this concept have been proven to be most effective means of reducing levels of offending in communities.
  • It is critically important to understand the underlying causes behind the offending behaviour of each individual young person – no one size fits all solution will work and only through a personalised approach can we achieve results
  • Building relationships is important – improved relationships between police officers and young people can help improve behaviour and build respect
  • Third sector organisations have experience of supporting the work of the police in communities across Scotland, and Police Scotland should look to engage with the third sector in working towards the five focus areas.

Includem is working in Glasgow with Police Scotland to engage with young people aged 16 to 25, who are causing the most harm to themselves and their communities through prolific offending. In the latest independent evaluation of the programme violent offending for those involved was found to have fallen by more than half.

Click here to read our consultation response in full.

To find out more about this work please contact us on 0141 427 0523 or email michael.shanks@includem.co.uk.

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