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Late last year Includem embarked on an exciting partnership with three other Scottish charities and The Lens – an organisation focused on changing perspectives and unleashing creativity and innovation.

Staff from across Includem generated hundreds of ideas from their own experiences on how they would, if given a little financial support and capacity, launch a new and creative way of doing what we do.

From a number of applications came two finalists – Carly McIver with the ‘Chance Lunch Project’ and Shonagh Speirs and Lorraine Clark with ‘Dads Inc.’.

Carly McIver, an Assistant Project Worker in our Glasgow service said:

“My idea is to create a lunch project which will provide young people with experience, skills, training, qualifications and confidence and support them into employment. Being involved with The Lens gave me the opportunity to explore the idea and think about how it would work in practice.”

Shonagh Speirs, who manages Includem’s Transitional Support and IMPACT service, and Lorraine Clark, an Assistant Project Worker in our Glasgow service said:

“Our idea, ‘Dads Inc.’ comes from our experience working with young dads who often feel excluded from a lot of the preparations for birth and afterwards don’t always know what their role is. The app we thought about would allow quick and easy access to all the information and guidance young fathers need so they can be confident and engaged parents.”

Angela Morgan, Chief Executive, commented on Includem’s involvement with The Lens programme:

“Working with The Lens presented Includem with an exciting opportunity to explore our capacity as a charity and to recognise and share the wealth and experience of all our staff. It has allowed us to unlock potential and innovation – and has shown us how we can develop our services further in the future”.

At the final, which was held in Dundee on Thursday, there were 10 pitches from across the four charities, all vying for a share of the £20,000 investment fund. The quality of the presentations was extremely high and the judges, who were drawn from each of the four organisations, had an incredibly difficult job to do.

After deliberations the ‘Dads Inc.’ project was chosen as a Finalist, with the ‘Chance Lunch Project’ given a £3,000 award.

Includem is committed to both projects and alongside a number of other ideas from earlier stages these will now go forward to implementation over the next few months so watch this space!

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  1. It was a privilege to work you all your people in generating ideas, finding connecting and developing your intrapreneurs.

    Steve and The Lens team

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