Lee’s Story

After a breakdown in relationships, Lee found himself homeless in an unfamiliar city, with nobody around him and no support to call on. He was living in temporary accommodation and had started using drugs. He was leaving his accommodation for days at a time with no notice of where he was going. He was struggling emotionally and had poor mental health.

When Includem started to support Lee he had attempted to take his own life.

Lee had moved away from his dad and home town to live with his mum’s family, but all his relationships had broken down and at 16 years old he found himself with nowhere to live. Isolated and in an unfamiliar place, Lee’s mental health deteriorated and he tried to take his own life.

It became clear that Lee had a traumatic childhood, he had experienced significant sexual and physical abuse, which made it difficult for him to trust people and communicate how he was feeling.

Workers supported Lee to create a ‘Feelings Book’ which he used to help express his emotions. This helped him build trust and he became comfortable opening up about the issues he faced in his life. Through coaching conversations, workers were able to help him develop coping strategies, ways to better manage his emotions and made a referral to CAMHS for further support.

This work was followed by encouraging Lee to discuss his drug and alcohol use. As his understanding of this grew, he began to reduce this and his risk taking behaviour declined.

Lee struggled to live independently and would find himself without enough money to buy food. We supported him to attend appointments to receive the benefits he was entitled to and provided sessions to build budgeting skills.

As Lee moved on from Includem, his growth in confidence was apparent when he independently found an apprenticeship and attended the interview on his own.He was successful and is enjoying his new job as well as his own permanent tenancy. He is able to look after himself well, no longer putting himself at harm.

Lee is a very driven and ambitious person who has clear plans for his future. He simply needed some support to overcome his mental health difficulties and some practical challenges to make this a reality.

The name and some key details about this young person have been changed to protect his/her identity.

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