Attainment and Achievement of School Aged Children Experiencing Poverty

Includem has submitted evidence to the Scottish Parliament’s Education and Skills Committee for their inquiry into the attainment and achievement of school aged children experiencing poverty.

You can read our submission in full below or download the PDF here.

Includem has always supported young people to attend and engage with school as an outcome to improve their wellbeing generally.

More recently we have developed new services focused specifically on improving attainment, with young people being referred directly by schools rather than our more traditional route through social worker services. This is an opportunity to address barriers to attainment at an earlier stage, before potential social work involvement.

Addressing the poverty-related attainment gap must involve far greater recognition of the complexities of young people’s lives outside of school. For young people’s attainment to improve they need a stable family life, with positive relationships and encouragement to attend and engage in school. Families need support to make this happen – to overcome the multitude of challenges they face.

One solution or programme will not solve this, but personalised approaches, focused on the individual needs and risks of young people and families are part of the answer.

21032018 Attainment and achievement of school aged children briefing for Education Committee Inquiry



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