Preventing family breakdown

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Includem supports families with complex needs through challenging situations. We help keep young people in their community and rebuild family relationships to reduce the risk of residential and secure care.

Working with families is integral to the Includem model of intervention. We recognise the crucial role played by families in supporting young people and sustaining progress made. Building family resilience and developing parental skills are crucial to better outcomes for young people.

Includem’s theoretical and practical approach relies on building meaningful and effective relationships with young people and their families. These relationships, developed over time in a collaborative way, are the “bread and butter” of what Includem does and are the key to unlocking the potential for change.

The most predominant reason for referral to Includem (84%) is to prevent family breakdown linked to reducing the need for young people to become accommodated. Almost half of cases were female. 20% were 12 or under, 40% were aged between 13-15 years old and 40% were aged 16 or over, with siblings often included in the support provided to families.

The young people and families with whom Includem work have a wide range of complex needs often associated with multiple deprivation, including substance misuse, domestic violence, mental health issues, past emotional trauma relating to abuse, attachment issues, and coping with a family member in custody. The young person’s main family support networks can often be people other than their parents, including grandparents, siblings, aunts/ uncles or foster carers.

Supports routinely delivered to young people and their families are wide-ranging. These include face-to-face contact; goal and boundary setting; planned and focussed work; advocacy support; de-escalation techniques; crisis management; positive reinforcement; a “listening ear”; practical support, and conflict management and mediation.

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