“Includem have been the only people who have listened to me since leaving care. They have saved my life.”

What is includem care?

We understand that families and caring responsibilities can take many different forms. No matter the set-up, includem care services are there to provide families, children, young people and carers with the support they need to live positive, hopeful lives.

includem has extensive experience in supporting children, young people and families who have been involved in the care system, as well as working with families to try to avoid the need for further intervention or separation.

How does it work?

We know that strong, positive relationships can transform the lives of young people and families. That’s why a major focus of our support is on improving relationships. We work with the whole family, whoever that may be, to help strengthen relationships through emotional and practical support.

We build trusting relationships with children, young people and families, working with them to identify the root cause of issues and developing a plan, together, on how to tackle them. We help to build confidence, self-esteem and improved mental wellbeing for young people we support, helping them to feel better in themselves and better in their home.

Supporting young people to live independent lives is another key feature of includem care services. This can include helping a young person moving into their own accommodation, supporting young people leaving care, and linking them into employability programmes and job opportunities.

Areas we can help

includem care services can offer support in the following areas:

- Improved health and mental wellbeing

- Whole family support

- Prevention of placement breakdown

- Looked after children & young people

- Through care & After care

- Foster placement support

- Kinship care support

- Return home from care or high-cost placement

- Transition to independent living (work readiness, housing & tenancy support)