“I’ve learned so much…even my school teacher sees how much I have got better”

What is includem Education?

A good education can open many doors for young people. Supporting educational attainment is therefore a key aspect of our work.

We are able to support pupils of all ages who are having difficulties in engaging with education. Our years of experience has shown us that this is often because they are dealing with complex and challenging circumstances at home, such as poor family relationships, unresolved trauma, parental substance misuse, or having their own caring responsibilities.

How does it work?

includem education services are there to help bridge the gap between home and school for pupils, their families and their teachers. We are able to work with children, young people and families to understand the root cause of these challenges and put in place steps to overcome them.

Our support extends to the whole family. We know that parents and carers might also be having difficulties or concerns about engaging with their child’s education. That’s why we support them to not only understand their own family context, but also guide and encourage them to engage with schools. We can also support parents and carers to establish the necessary boundaries and routines at home that have been proven to support children’s educational attainment.

Areas we can help

Our includem education services include the following:

- supporting educational attainment

- transition from primary to secondary education

- non-engagement or non-attendance

- disruptive behaviour in class

- supporting pupils with additional support needs

- supporting pupils with autism