Includem has been chosen as a key support partner in helping local authorities deliver the Scottish Government’s ‘The Promise’ by 2030.

It’s been awarded £200,000 funding from The Promise Partnership, Corra Foundation on behalf of the Scottish Government, to recruit a team of community engagement project workers to work with local authorities, and wider groups involved in care support, to help them understand and deliver The Promise.

It has been known for some time that Scotland’s care system hasn’t been working as well as it should, and in 2020 the Scottish Government set up the independent Care Commission to see how it could be improved.

Its report ‘The Promise’ is based on listening to what care experienced people were telling them about what needs to change.

The Promise sets out 25 actions that need to happen to improve the care system and ensure that all children and young people in Scotland can grow up loved, safe, and respected with the best possible life chances.

The new includem team will be led by Projects Business Partner, Emma Morrow. ‘The experience we have with dealing with young people and families who have gone through the care systems leaves us ideally placed to share this experience with other professionals. We will work with all local authorities to ensure they understand what needs to be done to deliver The Promise.’

‘The team will support them to build better connections with groups and bodies involved in the care process, to identify gaps in care and what steps need to be taken to address them,’ said Emma.

‘It is an extra resource teams across the country can call on to ensure they are on the right path to delivering all that is set out in The Promise by 2030.’ Includem will be reaching out to local authorities and groups involved in the care system over the coming months.’

Anyone who would like to work with them should contact