Annual Accounts


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Child Poverty and Cost of Living Crisis (2023/04)

Children and Young People

URSPACE: Edition One


Learning Disability Autistum and Neurodiversity Consultation (2024/04)

Care Leavers Payment Consultation (2024/01)

Wellbeing & Sustainable Development (Scotland) Bill Consultation (2023/04)

Our response to the Care and Justice Bill Consultation (2023/03)

The National Discussion on Education: Submission (2022/11)

Physical Intervention in Schools Guidance: Consultation Response (2022/10)

Our response to the National Care Services Bill Consultation (2022/08)

Our response to the Improving Victims Experiences Consultation (2022/08)

Our response to the Scottish Mental Health Law Review Consultation (2022/06)

National Planning Framework 4 Consultation (2022/04)

GIRFEC: Wellbeing Assessment Consultation (2022/02)

Ending the need for foodbanks Consultation (2022/01)

The Health and Wellbeing of Children and Young People Inquiry (2021/12)

Education Consultation Cover Letter (2021/11)

Ofcom Response (2021/09)

Digital Strategy Consultation

Social Renewal Advisory Board: Call for ideas – Oct 2020

Social Security Committee inquiry into COVID-19 – Oct 2020

Raising the age of referral to the Principal Reporter – Oct 2020

Sentencing Young People – includem submission to Scottish Sentencing Council consultation – Aug 2020

Equalities and Human Rights Committee inquiry into the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on equalities and human rights

Education and Skills Committee inquiry into the impact of coronavirus on vulnerable children and young people – May 2020

Revised National Guidance for Child Protection (2020)

Scottish Government consultation on Youth Justice Standards – Jan 2020



Duty of Candour


MRC Supports Across Scotland: Research (2024/04)

LACK: Housing, Care & Isolation Report (2023/06)

It Is Not A Choice! (2022/11)

#GrowingupGrieving – The National Childhood Bereavement Final Report (2022/09)

Poverty-related Stigma Research (2022/03)

The School Experience of Young People: pre and during Covid-19 (2021/08)

Voices: Families Experiences of Poverty and Services (2021/11)

Voices: Families Experiences of Poverty and Services (ACADEMIC) (2021/11)

Living in Poverty: A Form of Permanent Lockdown (2021/10)

National Childhood Bereavement Interim Report (2021/08)

The Benefits of the Restorative Approach in the Charitable Sector (2021/08)

Impact of Poverty on Families in Fife (2020/10)

Impact of Poverty on Families in Glasgow (2020/10)

Poverty and the Impact of Coronavirus on Young People and Families (2020/10)

Staying Connected: Assessing Digital Inclusion (2020/07)

Impact of the Transition Support Service on Young People’s Transitions Executive Summary (2019/07)

Substance Misuse and Young People in Scotland (2019/05)



UNCRC Training Tool

An Introduction to Children’s Rights in Scotland

Poverty Alliance Webinar 27th August 2021

Mackay Hannah: Children’s Rights Presentation

Making Rights Real – Participation Presentation

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