BRAVE Stirling is an exciting new way of working for us thanks to support from the Corra Foundation.

BRAVE Stirling & Participation

We have developed a participation framework which we will use throughout to ensure the project is designed, delivered, and evaluated alongside children, young people, families, and their communities

Participation is at the heart of our new BRAVE service in Stirling. BRAVE addresses immediate and underlying reasons for drug and alcohol usage enabling children and young people to live their lives to the full, and feel loved, nurtured, and respected. Through community-based 1:1 support, it provides the non-clinical, trauma-informed, wraparound support that those who use our services identify they need to address unresolved trauma and poverty and reach their full potential.

Who will BRAVE Stirling support?

BRAVE supports children and young people from age 12-26 years old who are using substances. It will have a strong whole-family approach, building on parental capacity, and using existing family strengths to address family needs. This is something which children and young people have told us is important to them. We will use our relationship-based model of intervention to support a seamless pathway to existing specialists’ drug/alcohol support services. BRAVE needs to be a collaborative approach, we cannot tackle this on our own. Therefore, our relationships with new and existing partners will be key to children, young people and families’ futures.

We will support children, young people, and families to strengthen their relationships, improve physical health and improve their wellbeing and resilience.

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