What we do - Includem's services

Includem is solely focused on making sure every young person is included, valued and believes in themselves. We do this through a number of different services:

  • Community alternatives
  • Prevention of family breakdown
  • Crisis support
  • Transitional support
  • Reducing violent offending – Includem’s IMPACT project

Includem provides relationship-based support in the community to improve the lives of troubled young people in partnership with local authorities, families, carers and other agencies. Includem’s services are aligned with ‘Getting it Right For Every Child (GIRFEC) principles and are designed to provide tailored responses to the highest risk young people with the most complex and challenging needs and behaviours (GIRFEC levels 3 and 4), working in partnership with referring agencies to fill gaps in services.

The relationships that we build with young people are for a purpose – to deliver focused and individualised work through our cognitive tool kit, ‘A Better Life’.

Aimed at helping individuals who have often been in and out of the care and justice systems, the modules of A Better Life spell out practical approaches to challenge their behaviours. These include offending and risk-taking behaviours in areas like drugs, alcohol and sexually harmful behaviour. It also deals with feelings towards family and friends, as well as victims of their actions.

There are a number of case studies available on this website which outline our services in practical terms, and we commissioned a short film “Steven’s Story” –